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Screenshots of Squeak
Last updated at 10:25 pm UTC on 26 January 2020

The Squeak Desktop

Click on the small image for a larger image; click in the header for more detail on the various tools shown.
Squeak Morphic Desktop Squeak MVC Desktop
External Image External Image

Specialised areas

Croquet Sophie media editor
External Image External Image
Music Animation
Uploaded Image: thumb_squeak_music.gif Uploaded Image: thumb_squeak_animate.gif
Internet ThingLab
Uploaded Image: thumb_squeak_internet.gifUploaded Image: squeak_thinglab2-thumb.gif
Exobox Scratch
External Image External Image
Facial Animation, Speech Synthesis Siren
External ImageExternal Image>
3D (Alice) Weather stations
Uploaded Image: squeak_alice-thumb.gif At least a couple of weather stations have been built in Squeak
http://weather-dimensions.com by Dan Ingalls and WeatherStation by Tim Rowledge
Video & Image Processing Smalltalk-72 in Squeak
videoplaying2-thumb.jpeg st72-thumb.gif