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Presentation authoring
Last updated at 10:53 pm UTC on 11 January 2022
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This page is about giving presentations using Squeak. If you want to give a presentation about Squeak, see Presenting Squeak.
In many ways, presentations are Active Essays with somebody present, talking and navigating the essay.

BookMorphs for Presentations
How to get a reference to a BookMorph on the desktop
a morph has a name


If you are giving a presentation using Squeak, several things are likely to be true:

Software Selection

You could just show your audience whatever objects are already in your image & talk while you do so. If you want it to feel more planned or formal, there are several Squeak options:


See InternalThreadNavigationMorph.
See How to use projects to do a slide show.
Instructions how to do presentations in Morphic using Projects (in Spanish): http://swiki.agro.uba.ar/small_land/33


See BookMorphs for Presentations.
See Squeak-specific media.
There is presentations tutorial available via Squeakmap (see http://map.squeak.org/package/16226c0c-c95a-40bf-a2e0-ca4fb336db35). This tutorial focuses on use of the StackMorph, which is a subclass of BookMorph. You may need to get an older version of Squeak in order to load the project.


This is a refactoring of BookMorph which is available via SqueakMap (see http://map.squeak.org/package/1ee96661-6ae8-4d1b-b2de-dd770a92bc04).

Slide Auditor

This is another refactoring of BookMorph which is available via SqueakMap (see http://map.squeak.org/package/70034a36-371c-4190-9eaa-71426ebf2e00). The installer will rename your current project and make a subproject of it with the current project's name. I would recommend creating a new project leaf node before installing this package.

Advanced Configuration

Presentation Remote Control

Creating Content


On-Site Setup

Giving the Presentation

More Information