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Last updated at 11:55 am UTC on 17 January 2006
I actually had about 6 things to demo but we ran out of time and I just ended up showing this little puzzle game. It works on Squeak 3.6. I just tested it on a clean image. Download the change-set at the end of the page, file it in, then just open up a new morph NsGame.

The morph has a button for game instructions.

Hope this brings you a little bit of fun.
- Steve

Ns Game.cs Updated 07-Dec-2003

now available at SqueakSource: http://kilana.wiresong.ca/@FWfiQuqlEfgOazfR/RMPKMXXx

Uploaded Image: egamesswessels.png

I tested it in 3.8g (base image) and the game as such worked fine as well. However I could not access the help window but the game is so straightforward that you probably can play it. And the screenshot above helps too. But I wouldn't mind if somebody postes here the whole help text. hjh/Jan 05

Hi. Someone should have just wrote to the author. That's me!
I just saw this page on the Swiki and decided to look into it. The problem is easily fixed by my changing the help window code to use a BookMorph instead of a GeeMailMorph.
I just tested it on 3.8gamma with my fix and it looks great. I'll publish updates to my Squeak Enhancements web page soon, and then the other usual publication locations (SqueakMap, etc...).
- Steve

Okay, I just published the newest version to my Squeak Enhancements page as a Monticello package. See http://squeak.preeminent.org/source/3.8/NsTileGame-sbw.17.mcz for the file.