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Last updated at 3:58 pm UTC on 17 August 1998

Email: mailto:wallingf@cs.uni.edu

Webpage: http://www.cs.uni.edu/~wallingf/

Eugene Wallingford is on the faculty at the University of
Northern Iowa, where he teaches a little bit of everything
and does research in knowledge-based systems. He has been
programming in Smalltalk since 1990 or so.

At that time, the AI/KBS group at Michigan State
(http://isl.cps.msu.edu) began to port its toolset of
task-specific programming shells from PCL to ParcPlace
ObjectWorks. Eugene was part of the team that made the
initial port of the Generic Task tools to Smalltalk.

Eugene was revitalized when he learned of the Squeak
project at OOPSLA'97 and is now porting a new generation
of Generic Task tools from VisualWorks to Squeak.

He is also very interested in patterns as a means to
document design and programming knowledge. He is active in
the elementary patterns community