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Last updated at 4:10 pm UTC on 12 January 2022
Class comment:
I represent method categorization information for classes. The handling of class comments has gone through a tortuous evolution. Grandfathered class comments (before late aug 98) have no time stamps, and historically, fileouts of class comments always substituted the timestamp reflecting the author and date/time at the moment of fileout; and historically any timestamps in a filed out class comment were dropped on the floor, with the author & time prevailing at the moment of filein being substituted. Such grandfathered comments now go out on fileouts with '' timestamp; class comments created after the 8/98 changes will have their correct timestamps preserved, though there is not yet a decent ui for reading those stamps other than filing out and looking at the file; nor is there yet any ui for browsing and recovering past versions of such comments. Everything in good time!

To do: rewrite / summarize