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Frank Caggiano
Last updated at 4:32 pm UTC on 8 January 2007

Personal Information

Just starting back into Smalltalk and Squeak. I'm interested in computers in education and educational issues in general. The current state of education from kindergarden through high school and through college is a mess. I've done some work with elementary age and middle school age kids and Logo.
Visit my site Crystal Objects to see some of the projects I've done in Logo.

Squeak Stuff

Currently I've taken on the job of maintaining the Squeak IRC package and am in the process of combining the IRC package by Lex Spoon and Enhanced IRC by Steve Wessels. See IRCe for more details. I'm on IRC as as frankcag.

Quotes is my first Squeak project. It was written mainly as a mean to start understanding morphic.


I am currently writing an introduction to Monticello, Monticello Basics. Take a look and send me your comments or ideas for additional content. I've also reformatted the Documentation page. It looks betterand feels better (at least I think so) but the content still needs major work.


Comments Welcome: