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Ideas and Requests
Last updated at 12:24 pm UTC on 17 January 2006
It sounds like the UI should be tweaked here, not the documentation.
How about giving it a good default cache setup and then leaving this
info out of the main dialogs that a new user will see?

Hide the cache settings under something like "Configuration" or
"Advanced Preferences" or "Fiddly Stuff to Twiddle if you are Bored".
Lex Spoon

Avi responds:

I don't think hiding the cache is a good idea - I constantly find myself opening it because I know I'll be able to find the version I want there. I've been thinking about going in the other direction, and building the UI around the cache - since all the packages within it are easily accessible with full metadata, it can be browsed in much better ways than just looking through lists of files. All saving and loading would effectively happen through the cache browsers, with remote repositories just being used to feed into the cache or to accept published packages from it. Especially now that the package sizes are more under control this may be a reasonable way to go.

With SqueakSource, that might be viable to use as a "default" besides the local package-cache directory.
Brian Brown