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Last updated at 9:51 am UTC on 28 September 2017
A Paragraph represents text that has been laid out, or composed, in some container.

Lines are ordered vertically. However, for a given y, there may be several lines in left to right order. Lines must never be empty, even if text is empty.

Notes on yet another hack - 5 Feb 2001

We really need to clean up #composeLinesFrom:to:delta:into:priorLines:atY:!!!

I added one more habdful of code to correct:

This is an annoying bug that's been around for a couple of years, but I finally figured out how to duplicate the problem, so I figured I'd just report it now. (It doesn't necessarily have to be fixed for 3.0 if it looks messy, but if it's a simple fix, it would be worth it.)

In Morphic, if you have the following text in a workspace:

This is line 1
This is line 2

Error: this should not happenandError: this should not happen you have a return character after line 2, you will normally be able to click the mouse two times below line 2 in order to select all the text. If you edit line 2 (e.g. so that it reads "line number 2"), you can still select all the text by clicking below the second line. However, if you edit line 1, you will not be able to select all the text from the bottom in the same way. Things get messed up such that the last return character seems to be gone. In this state, if you position the cursor immediately after the 2, and press the right arrow, the cursor jumps to the beginning of line 2... oof. (report by Doug Way)

While I don't have a very deep understanding of the above mentioned method, I was able to determine that text ending in a CR worked better in the editor when the last entry in had a start of text size + 1 and a stop of text size. I have accordingly added code near the end to ensure this. It seems to have fixed the problem, but we do need to clean this baby up some day. - Bob