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Last updated at 3:59 pm UTC on 14 January 2006
From: Romain Robbes on April 13, 2004 registerd EasySqueak on SqueakMap
EasySqueak on is a little tool to ease the creation of exercises for students learning Squeak. I did it because someone told me (and was right) that the basic class browser is too complex to start coding at the beginning. So this tools allows you to define suites of exercices as subclasses of a class (ExerciseSession), and provides a tiny environment for students to work with (a one-class browser, a one-object shell, and a window showing the session's summary (the class's class comment)). If you want too, you can also define sunit tests to let your students program test-first, or at least have the assurance that they work well ;–) .

More information and a few examples are on the package entry, and in the package.

This could also be the base of a kind of lesson runner, similar to VW's one (which I find the easiest and fastest way to learn Smalltalk's syntax).

This is a quick hack depending on :