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Introductions to Squeak
Last updated at 11:24 pm UTC on 7 February 2020
This page has several ways for programmers to get started with Squeak.
For non-programmers, see Squeakland.
For WebWareWriters, see Seaside, it'll change the way of your Squeak life;) It's well documented and easy to learn. (–Jigme, China)


There is a list of recommended books at Smalltalk & Squeak books

Overviews and Reference


Squeak learning resources on the Internet:

(NB these are all at least 10 years out of date!)


Ultimately, to learn Smalltalk, you have to spend some time programming in it. The below exercises make terrific practice.



See Learning How to Fish for useful walkthroughs on investigating the Squeak system