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Last updated at 4:00 pm UTC on 14 January 2006
From the Vassili Bykov's article "The hitch hiker's guide to the smalltalk compiler" http://www.smalltalkchronicles.net/edition2-1/st_compiler.htm,
"Assertions are trivial to implement as a message assert sent to a block, with the assert method defined either as a real test or as a no-op . We will implement a fancier version, to satisfy the following requirements.
Assertion failure signals an AssertionFailedError exception. ... [Assertions] substitutes a special kind of program node, AssertionNode, in place of the original assert: message send. AssertionNode takes care of generating (or not generating) the inlined assertion code. ... Squeak handles special selectors in a way different from VisualWorks, which makes the [implemtation] more interesting."

Romain Robbes on March 08, 2004 published Vassili Bykov's Assertions on SqueakMap Vassili [wrote his code using]Squeak 2.7, so it was really a long time ago :-). So I made a release for squeak 3.7, adding a preference to toggle it on or off (in the debug category), and providing unit tests for it. The port was An extremely harassing task, as I only had to simplify one method :-). If only it could be like that more often ...