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Last updated at 5:17 am UTC on 15 September 2017
Part of Seaside

WAFormDialog is an empty html form. Used in WAComponent>>inform: to create a dialog component that displays text and an "Ok" button to close the component. See subclasses for sample usage & more functionality.

Instance Variables:
form Decorator that generates form tags
validationError Text descriping invalid data entered by user. Displayed when not nil. Set to nil when user submits form.

 WAFormDialog printHierarchy '
 ProtoObject #()
	Object #()
		GRObject #()
			WAObject #()
				WAPainter #()
					WAPresenter #()
						WAComponent #(''decoration'')
							WACanvasWidget #()
								WAFormDialog #(''validationError'' ''form'')
									WAChoiceDialog #(''options'' ''selection'')
									WALabelledFormDialog #()
										WAViewer #(''presenter'')
									WAYesOrNoDialog #()'