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Last updated at 3:16 am UTC on 15 September 2017
Part of Seaside. Superclass of Seaside components.

I am a Presenter with the additional abilities of wrapping myself with Decorations and displaying another Component with #call:.


If a sub-Component makes a #call: to another Component, that Component will appear in place of the sub-Component. For example, if an embedded WACounter, stored in an instance variable called myCounter, made a #call: to DateSelector, that DateSelector would appear in the context of the counter's parent, with the 'My Counter' heading above it.

Since an embedded subcomponent has not been #call:'d, in general #answer: is a no-op. However, the parent may attach an #onAnswer: block to the embedded subcomponent to be notified if it sends #answer:. This allows one component to be used both from #call: and through embedding. For example:

		dateSelector := WADateSelector new 
			onAnswer: [ :date | self dateChosen: date ].


A component is visible if it: