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Last updated at 12:48 pm UTC on 17 January 2006
UnstableSqueak is an experiment proposed (http://people.squeakfoundation.org/article/39.html) and implemented by Avi Bryant after some discussions on using Monticello for managing the evolution of Squeak.

At the moment (3.8alpha), the development of Squeak is happening using two very different mechanisms:
  1. Quite a few relatively well defined packages of code that are posted on SM, generally maintained using Monticello, and from which occaisonal stable versions are chosen to be included in Squeak.
  2. "Everything else" which includes a lot of code, but also object state such as demos, which is maintained using ftp-published images and the Update Stream, managed by The Guides following the Harvesting Process.

As Avi explains in the SqP article mentioned above, one point of this experiment is to use the SqP ratings to allow more people to participate more actively in the development of part 2.

There are more UnstableSqueak.

This page is meant to be a coordination point for people working on this experiment.

UnstableSqueak release 1 - for the content of UnstableSqueak, we've decided to aim for an extensible image. That is, one which is as friendly as possible to packages, allowing them to hook into all the right places, and to users, allowing them to customize their image the same way. The mechanisms should allow them to do this without changing code.

Things to do:
  1. Download UnstableSqueak from (http://beta4.com/UnstableSqueak.zip)
  2. Play with it
  3. Give feedback
  4. Add to the inclusion list
  5. Add something from the inclusion list, testing it, then commit.
(add larger grained ideas here next)

Inclusion list (things that should be/have been included):
  1. Services?

People participating/interested:
  1. Avi Bryant
  2. Daniel Vainsencher
  3. Colin Putney
(add yourself here)

Problems found:
  1. MC doesn't handle initialization code, therefore changes that require it such as Diegos UI changes aren't handled - Andreas Raab.
(add here - problem, reporter/link)