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Last updated at 11:27 pm UTC on 28 June 2007
See how to use goodies in the Goodies and Changesets.

A "Goodie" is code that is not part of the main Squeak system, but is added to it to do neat stuff. Goodies are usually short, no more than a few pages of code typically, and add or enhance only one or two specific items or capabilities.
Many tools and goodies for Squeak exist, in different archives. If you have interesting ones, put a link to the source, and a comment here. Put your code here or point at the goodies folder at UIUC. See this page on how to submit your Goodie at UIUC.

See All Projects for the master list of Goodies, Packages, Tools, etc. for Squeak. And see Squeak bons mots for handy code snippets.

You can get a lot of Goodies, and some Packages from SUGAR, there the people call it SugarMiniatures

Package: STP12 Goodies Collection

ReinierVanLoon offers many free downloads.

David N. Smith has some small Squeak goodies at http://www.dnsmith.com/squeak.

Change set browser: sort and/or omit numeric change sets.

File-in IBM Smalltalk code

Simple Spreadsheet and some simple graphics editors: http://pbl.cc.gatech.edu/cs2390/42

Browser Autolabeler
Browser Autolabeler by Maurice Rabb, automatically puts a meaningful label in a Browser's title bar.

I've just placed my first crack of work on Engineering Math stuff (double dispatching, arrays as numbers, etc) at the UIUC archive (ftp://st.cs.uiuc.edu/Smalltalk/Squeak/goodies/EngineeringMath/). Read ftp://st.cs.uiuc.edu/Smalltalk/Squeak/goodies/EngineeringMath/EngineerMath.html for more info. -Travis Griggs

Publish-Subscribe - Event Dispatching and Triggering

And maybe someone will be interrested in concepts of NameSpaces. I'll add full code soon.
Peter Novak

See also BobArnings page for several developer tool goodies and games, including SyntaxMorph, a Source Code Comparison Browser, the latest Refactoring Browser port, BobsUI (a simple data entry application framework), a Mandelbrot generator and a strategy game called FMP.

A nice little goodie which hides scrollbars when there's nothing to scroll is on my web space at http://www.mindspring.com/~dway/smalltalk/. (See HiddenCrispScrollBar-dew.cs... there are other related goodies there as well.) -Doug Way

"SmallInterfaces" introduces the notion of "interface" in Smalltalk.

InfoAgent is as tool for computer aided information retrieval on the Web.

Locally we have:

Torsten Bergmann has set up a page called share your created morphs which contains several Morphic goodies, including a Stepping Morph, Project Switcher, Library Book and Parallax Scrolling Morph.

Generating getters and setters

Stephen Travis Pope wrote: "There's a basic access method generator in the STP12 goodies at ftp://ftp.create.ucsb.edu/pub/Squeak/goodies/STP12/source/System/CodeGen.st.

It implements the method for the message "publish" that can be sent to a class. It'd be pretty easy to add it to the class list menu in the browser. "

SyntaxMorph (2.5) offers a graphical view of Squeak method syntax. See BobArnings page.


The Programming Technology Lab (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Brussels, Belgium) has several goodies available from their ftp-site at: ftp://prog.vub.ac.be/research/squeak/ (ParseNodeEnumrator, WindowList, some small fixes and add-ons). See also on their Swiki-sites: http://prog.vub.ac.be:8080/

Extended Colors Provides support for 649 named colors in Squeak.



RingBuffer implements a simple ring buffer, or circular queue, based on an Array.

Emacs key bindings

Time Objects provides an easy to use way for dealing with the domain of Gregorian time.

MiniToDo is a small project aimed to learn Squeak to develop a well knowed type of application.