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How to view the stack of invoked methods
Last updated at 4:02 pm UTC on 14 January 2006
Question: Alexandre Bergel March 19, 2004 How could I get the complete stack of invoked methods? The debugger uses this information to let the user crawl over frames.

Answer: How to save a parts bin Use one of the following:
thisContext contextStack
thisContext stackOfSize: 

Answer: Scott Wallace I'm not certain if this gets at what you're asking for, but for what its worth I offer the attached. ctxtStackMethodsFor37-sw.cs.gz File this in … and when a debugger comes up, look in the shifted branch of the context-list menu for "browse all methods in stack."
[The attachment is Alexandre’s update to work in 3.7]

See Debugger or Proposal: Better Debugging (2006) for how to understand the stack.
See Blue Book - Part Four for the definitive treatment of the compiler, stack, etc.