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Last updated at 3:20 am UTC on 15 November 2006
This project begins as begginners attempt trying to have a minimal Morphic image what lets do some programming an last minute debug before you close it for deliver.

At 23/09/2005

SqueakLignt.12.image size is 4.8 mb
Almost normal Morphic , many fixes (I put again SmartTrashCan , Herbert)
Could play .mp3 and .mpg by drag and drop.
Could read html and iCab compressed files by drag and drop.
Have Monticello and MonticelloConfigurations
Could load a and export .sqz files (ImageSegments)
As example SqueakLight.sqz 2 Mb SqueakLight.sources 8 Mb.
Monticello files could be about half sizes and ascii files about 1/4
Now I supporting all what in normal Squeak was .cs, .sar and .mcz "packages" in this format.
I named "empowerments" and put all things what I like in this format in empowerments folder of my shared things.
Could be remote comanded via TCP from remote normal Squeak (in process).
So, in top of SqueakLight you could load Shout.
A enhanced SARBuilder for packing support files as graphic, music, etc i
Tamaris by Alain Plantec.
Have MacServices by John M McIntosh
Have access to all Mac through integrate AppleScript hook by John M McIntosh
You could do thinks like

Applescript >> terminal
"Applescript terminal"
self doIt: '
tell application "Terminal"
 do script "cd ~/SqueakDevelop
grep -l ''Morph'' .st "
end tell'

Most significant add is now have built in Mophic Wrappers.


Goran Hultgren whose work I see and drive me in this experiment

To all whose I'm learn as Dan, Juan , Daniel and Ned from MorphicSplitters.
Double for our Team leader Cees , who kindly host my experiments.
People what do shrink before and better long ago as Yoshiki Oshima, Aaron Reichow,Boris Gaertner,Jon Hylands, others .
Pavel Krivanek Small Squeak 3.7 image
Steven Swerling QuiteSmall image

Special thanks to John M McIntosh, Lex Spoon, indispensable squeakers.
Special thanks to Francisco Garau last port of original work by Luciano Notarfrancesco and
Gerardo Richarte on MorphicWrappers.