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Last updated at 1:12 pm UTC on 5 September 2015
Note August 2015:

The puzzle loads fine in Squeak 5.0 if you follow the instructions here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZucdZZCdYY.

Summary of steps:

1. Open the Ladrillos repository in Monticello browser.
	location: 'http://www.squeaksource.com/Ladrillos'
	user: 'squeak'
	password: 'squeak'

2. Load Monticello patch
which allows Monticello files to contain resources.

3. Load puzzle MorphicPuzzle-edc.1 from category 'MorphicPuzzle'.

Puzzle for 3.9 (August 2006)
This puzzle can use pictures in jpg format which are 360 @ 270 pixels
This new version could create more puzzle like pieces , thanks to Jerome Peace work.
Download the .sar to your disk.
File in with FileList and hit install or drag and drop.
Tested on Squeak3.9b-7042.image

If you have problems email me

How to play.
Click on button.
This maximize view area like full screen on of appeareance menu .
The photos go compressed to MisDibujos current.
When board and photos miniatures are in place, click on any photo
When the pieces are scattered in desktop, you can grab and drop on board.
If the pieces are in correct place, the edges become red and cannot move, otherwise bounced to former place,
You also can place a piece near to other what you think fits.
If two pieces fit, a rectangle show and border of pieces become orange.
Also you could group two rectangle grouped pieces
Observe what hapenns when you drag a piece to "Smart" Trash

Uploaded Image: Rompecabezas.jpg