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Last updated at 4:33 am UTC on 11 May 2017
A TextFontReference encodes a font change applicable over a given range of text.
The font reference is absolute: unlike a TextFontChange, it is independent of the textStyle governing display of this text.

The Font Size Summary (Help menu) gives the list of available fonts.


 (TextFontReference toFont: (StrikeFont familyName: 'Atlanta' size: 22))

TextFontReference objects are used to create instances of Text.

By sending the message #font to an instance of TextFontReference you get access to the font.

Use in creating a StringMorph

A font is what the StringMorph creation method requires

| fontRef aString |

fontRef := (TextFontReference toFont: 
         (StrikeFont familyName: 'BitstreamVeraSans' size: 36)).

aString := 'Aa Bc Cd Dd Ee Ff'.

((StringMorph contents:  aString
  font: fontRef font)
  color: Color blue) openInHand