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Last updated at 2:16 pm UTC on 16 December 2015
Note: The following text should be cleaned up to reflect the actual situation.

Quoting BDFFontReader's class comment:

I am a conversion utility for reading X11 Bitmap Distribution Format fonts. My code is derived from the multilingual Squeak changeset written by OHSHIMA Yoshiki (ohshima@is.titech.ac.jp), although all support for fonts with more than 256 glyphs has been ripped out. See http://www.is.titech.ac.jp/~ohshima/squeak/squeak-multilingual-e.html .

My class methods contain tools for fetching BDF source files from a well-known archive site, batch conversion to Squeak's .sf2 format, and installation of these fonts as TextStyles. Also, the legal notices for the standard 75dpi fonts I process this way are included as "x11FontLegalNotices'.

A changeset is here at http://minnow.cc.gatech.edu:8080/squeak/uploads/bdf%20reader.23jan1948.cs as well as a zip file of the BDF files for people on slow links: http://minnow.cc.gatech.edu:8080/squeak/uploads/bdffonts75dpi.zip. A minor patch to the reader is at bdffontreaderfix1.cs.

FontSets that install some of the fonts as TextStyles are at bdffontsets-nop.cs.gz.

Because many of the distributed fonts have pixels in the rightmost column of some glyphs, I modified the bolding strategy to not nuke that column: strikefontboldfix.23jan1947.cs.

Pointers to good BDF fonts and ideas for better organization appreciated here.

Jay Carlson

[2001-05-05] Hannes Hirzel

BDFFontReader is included in the image 3.1. See class comment there.

Note: One has to keep in mind that the code table of the BDF-Fonts may often be different from the Macintosh code table used in a standard SqC distribution image.

On Bobs SuperSwiki there is a AccuFont project.