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Help with 2.2
Last updated at 10:59 pm UTC on 8 December 2006
This page is intended as a place for users of Squeak 2.2 (and other versions) to note various questions and answers and other suggestions that are not adequately dealt with in the "official" documentation. The Squeak team will peruse this area from time to time, and promote useful information into their documentation area located at...
SqueakDoc: Front Page
...as well as including it in the ReadMe file for the next release.

a quick refresher on how to get network access through a proxy would be real nice in the Getting Started window. i normally Squeak from home, so i've never had to go through a proxy before. but to be able to try out Scamper from here at work, i'm going to have to go rooting around through the archives to find out where that info is.
David Farber

If you are behind a firewall and can only get to the outside by using a Proxy Server. We have code in the system for that. Find out the name of your proxy server (name or number is ok), and the port it uses. Put those into this statement, execute it
once, and save your image.

HTTPSocket useProxyServerNamed: 'name of proxy server' port: 8080.

Anytime you want to, you may ask for updates. Or use any other http service in Squeak. If you ever want to stop using the proxy server, just execute this.

HTTPSocket stopUsingProxyServer.

There is information on the new features in the Squeak 2.2 Pluggable WebServer at http://pbl.cc.gatech.edu:8080/myswiki.204

Q:I can't find InterpreterProxy class in new version of Squeak. Which class in the new version performs the functions performed by InterpreterProxy in old version ? I need it to build new primitives
in Squeak. - Raghunandan Surve

How do I change the size of a BookMorph? The "resize" halo doesn't seem to work. Inspecting the morph and
changing values doesn't work either. Thank you for
the answer in advance!

The project link feature is great!

Hannes Hirzel

You need to select the playfield morph and resize that.

Douglas Brebner

Exception Handling

Dwight Hughes posted this information about exception handling and non-local returns:

Basically, if you do [...] ifError: [... ^ whatever] and the error block is executed and takes the return, the block is not popped off the stack even though it has returned – which can potentially cause some subtle and not so nice problems. The solution for now is the "Doc it hurts when I do this – Well don't do that" fix. Executing code and whatever else in the error block is fine - just don't do a direct return inside it. (Since blocks can be passed to other contexts for later execution, this type of return is called a "nonlocal" return.)

Lyn Headley


Hannes Hirzel:
How do I activate the sound demo morph?

The InterimSoundMorph crashes the VM and SoundMorph is not
implemented yet. Are there other possiblitities do deal with
sound at the moment (e.g. an object of the class AIFFFileReader)?

Bookmark in BookMorph
Hannes Hirzel: How do I use the bookmarks?

Unable to resolve Name
Rob van den Berg
I am using Squeak 2.2Mac, and if I try to create a network session (either Scamper or 'update code from server' I get an error popup stating that squeak is unable to resolve the hostname. I can connect to the server if I give the IP address, and netscape does not have any problems with name resolution. What is wrong?

How can I configure the default font for my Squeak session? If this is not easy to do, where should I look to add this facility?
Carl Gundel
See Squeak FAQ.

Update from server questions
Tim Cuthbertson
I am using 2.4 at home on Win98 and at the office on WinNT. On both systems, I started with a clean (as distributed) copy of the 2.4 image and ran the 'Update from server' menu item. At home, it worked, fine. But at the office, it failed. After several fixes were successful, it began having problems. I finally just reverted to the original image.
Questions: Should the update from server be run so soon after 2.4 was released? Does the update mechanism know what needs to be applied and what does not? Why such a difference at work from at home, based from a common starting point? Thanks, Tim