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Last updated at 12:24 pm UTC on 5 October 2019
A SelectorBrowser is more commonly referred to as the method finder; you can enter message names or more interestingly, example inputs and results to have the system try to find plausible methods that would satisfy the parameters. See SelectorBrowser>>#byExample for much more detail.

buildWith: builder
	"Create a Browser that lets you type part of a selector, shows a list of selectors, shows the classes of the one you chose, and spawns a full browser on it.  Answer the window
	SelectorBrowser new open "
	| windowSpec |
	selectorIndex := classListIndex := 0.
	windowSpec := 	self buildWindowWith: builder specs: {
		(0@0 corner: 0.5@0.14) -> [self buildEditViewWith: builder].
		(0@0.14 corner: 0.5@0.6) -> [self buildMessageListWith: builder].
		(0.5@0 corner: 1@0.6) -> [self buildClassListWith: builder].
		(0@0.6 corner: 1@1) -> [self buildExamplePaneWith: builder].
	^builder build: windowSpec