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Kay says, "they would seek to create computer models of their companies"
Last updated at 12:49 pm UTC on 23 March 2005
"If business users were less shortsighted, Kay says, they would seek to create computer models of their companies and constantly simulate potential changes." dkirkpatrick@fortunemail.com http://www.fortune.com/fortune/fastforward/0,15704,661671,00.html

19-Jul-2004 dgc

And then your competitor steals your computer model of your company and runs their own simulations with it.

How does one simulate that potential change?

[ sigh... ]

Concentration of data to a single system in a single, common, flexible, understandable, executable format has its disadvantages too. It's very easy to for it to fall into the hands of others in a format they can easily use to their advantage. Not that we shouldn't make such things easier, just that one might want to secure what is necessary to secure and freely share the rest.

23-Mar-2005 dgc

Because I believe it would be a good idea, I continue to wonder, based on his above assertion, if Alan Kay has created a computer model of the social, economic, & political dynamics of current public & private education systems to determine how best to introduce innovative, progressive, & and disruptive technologies such as Squeak-eToys and Croquet.