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Last updated at 1:21 pm UTC on 30 April 2019
Class comment?

	"AutoStart initialize"
	"Order: ExternalSettings, SecurityManager, AutoStart"
	Smalltalk addToStartUpList: AutoStart after: SecurityManager.
	Smalltalk addToShutDownList: AutoStart after: SecurityManager.

startUp: resuming
	"The image is either being newly started (resuming is true), or it's just been snapshotted.
	If this has just been a snapshot, skip all the startup stuff."

	| startupParameters launchers |
	self active ifTrue: [^self].
	self active: true.
	resuming ifFalse: [^self].

	startupParameters := Smalltalk namedArguments.

	Project current world ifNotNil: [:w | w install. w firstHand position: 100 @ 100 ].
	self processUpdates.

	launchers := self installedLaunchers collect: [:launcher |
		launcher new].
	launchers do: [:launcher |
		launcher parameters: startupParameters].
	launchers do: [:launcher |
		Project current addDeferredUIMessage: [launcher startUp]]

After this see ProjectLauncher startUpAfterLogin