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Last updated at 1:12 pm UTC on 6 May 2019

	| scriptName loader isUrl |
	self setupFlaps.
	Preferences readDocumentAtStartup
		ifTrue: [scriptName := Smalltalk documentPath
						ifNil: [''].
			scriptName := scriptName convertFromSystemString.
			scriptName isEmpty
				ifFalse: ["figure out if script name is a URL by itself"
					isUrl := (scriptName asLowercase beginsWith: 'http://')
								or: [(scriptName asLowercase beginsWith: 'file://')
										or: [scriptName asLowercase beginsWith: 'ftp://']].
						ifFalse: [| encodedPath pathTokens |
							"Allow for ../dir/scriptName arguments"
							pathTokens := scriptName splitBy: FileDirectory slash.
							pathTokens := pathTokens
										collect: [:s | s encodeForHTTP].
							encodedPath := pathTokens
										reduce: [:acc :each | acc , FileDirectory slash , each].
							scriptName := (FileDirectory default uri resolveRelativeURI: encodedPath) asString]]]
		ifFalse: [scriptName := ''].
	scriptName isEmptyOrNil
		ifTrue: [^ Preferences eToyFriendly
				ifTrue: [self currentWorld addGlobalFlaps]].
	loader := CodeLoader new.
		loadSourceFiles: (Array with: scriptName).
	(scriptName asLowercase endsWith: '.pr')
		ifTrue: [self installProjectFrom: loader]
		ifFalse: [loader installSourceFiles]