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Last updated at 4:12 pm UTC on 17 January 2006


The Network-Url package provides code for working with URL's. It allows them to be parsed from strings, including the parsing of "relative" URL's as used in HTML.

Too see URL's in action, try the following code:
'http://www.squeak.org' asUrl retrieveContents


(See Packages Team)

Okay, so how to packagize this?
  1. scan for things that should not be in the category
  2. move them to "orphaned" (or to a new package?)
  3. STOP until the packaging team moves to the next step.
  4. scan for dependencies, using Dan and Daniel's tools
  5. find stray methods that are in other packages
  6. ?? post a PackageInfo ??

1. Scanning for things that should not be there

UrlArgumentList is an unused class.
Authorizers is specific to HTTP, and should be moved to some HTTP package.
MswURL is long obsolete; it may as well be deleted.

MIMEDocument is questionable, but where else should it live? It is part of the general WWW infrastructure of Squeak.

The rest of the classes seem fine.

2. Moving to Orphan

(nothing done here yet)

4. Dependencies

Network-Url needs:
  1. HTTP requester
  2. FTP client
  3. MailSender app registry

Network-Url is needed by:
(don't know yet)

These dependencies should be broken down by using registries. Common schemes (HTTP, mail, ftp) should have a registry per scheme of code that handles that scheme. Additionally, it should be possible to register new schemes.

4. Stray Methods

  1. asUrl
  2. anything else?