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Code requests
Last updated at 5:08 am UTC on 10 May 2018


mergeMe into All Projects

Nobody should ever be looking for a Squeak project and not be able to find one. Here are some moderate-sized things someone would love to see, but probably won't have time to work on in the near future:

{see also All Projects}

Just curious... what does anyone who might happen upon this page think about code-bartering? Say Henry wants an email server, and Jack wants a MOD-style music tracker. Henry can't/doesn't want to write the email server, but would code up a tracker if Jack writes an email server, himself not able to/doesn't want to write a tracker.

Also, newbies might ask for, say, a better Jabber client in trade for some well-written documentation or something like that.

Daniel Kitchener wants:

Umur Ozkul wants:

Stefan Matthias Aust wants:

Browse on all examples wants:
More ideally, a reworking of the mouse buttons Preferences so that mice of all types could be easily configured as the user wishes.

Umur Ozkul (umur@writeme.com) wants:

Mark Guzdial wants:

Monty Kamath monty@goodstart.com

Lex Spoon wants:

Interesting–a possible start. It could use documentation, and ideally it should be divided from the UI so that you can plug it into other applications. -Lex Spoon)

This could be integrated into mail readers!

Tim Rowledge wants

Travis Griggs wants
(Travis, please see the page on Upload SwikisMark Guzdial)

Luciano Esteban Notarfrancesco wants

Pablo Diego Malavolta wants

Elaboration, please?

LeandroCaniglia elaborates: There is a Morphic Wrappers package available allowing any object to be included in Morphic. We use that package all the time in our daily work. The package contains some interesting wrappers (ClassMorphicWrappres and BitmappedMorphicWrappers are examples of them) and is a framework inviting you to add new ones. I think Pablo is trying to promote the package.

Peter Smet mailto:peter_smet@hotmail.com wants

Douglas Auclair mailto:dauclair@hotmail.com still wants:

Also, are people delivering products to customers using Squeak? If so, how so? I work in distributed enviroments where other people are doing the GUIs, so a full-blown headless Squeak would be great:

Stephen Pair mailto:spair@acm.org wants:


Transactions, persistence, name spaces etc will all be handled by CORBA. CORBA should also be able to accessthe native platform, if the platform objects are compliant. And you would get the advantage of tying together objects created with different languages. Multiple people working in the same image is too Smalltalk-centric...

Sean McGrath mailto:sean@email.ces.ucsf.edu wants
I've written page up and page down support for both MVC and Morphic. It's been tested on V2.5 and V2.6a. The code was included in the 2.6 official release. The link to the code I published has been removed since it's now part of the base product. – Stephan B. Wessels

These have showed up in recent Squeaks:

Brian Ewins wants, just for a laugh:

This must surely be possible now using the OSKit http://www.cs.utah.edu/projects/flux/oskit/, (which has already formed a basic OS for 3 other languages, including Java) and Squeakette.

Like I say, this is just a fun challenge, but it would be nice to be able to boot up into Squeak...

Take a look at SqueakNOS. We first thought of naming it SqueakOS, but then we realized it's Squeak No Operating System (-:

It's currently booting and starting the VM! 27-04-2000
Brian and others, check http://swain.webframe.org/squeak/floppy/. This one is based on a Linux kernel (which is not truely ideal for Squeak, but it is an attempt). There is also another project using the OSKit, of which I don't have the link here. It is currently a CLI-based Squeak. Squeak3.10.2-bc

John Gardner (gardner@spectranet.ca) wants:

Petr Novak (mailto:petr.novak@i.cz) wants:
(This seems to be to some extent included in the Squeak Central project list).

[Richard A. Harmon (mailto:harmonra@webname.com):
I've implemented all the ANSI Standard messages in Smalltalk Express
and ported the Fundamental through part of the Collection protocols plus the ScaledDecimal and DateAndTime protocols to Squeak. I never got my implementation of the Exception protocol working, but other folks have done it for Squeak.

I've finished an implementation of a facility to read and write files in ANSI Smalltalk Interchange Format (SIF) for Squeak and Dolphin. I'm currently packaging them up for an alpha release (real soon now–I've been saying this for months).

I have snippets of code to test for ANSI compliance for the Fundamental through Collection protocols plus the ScaledDecimal protocol in Squeak.

I would like someone to volunteer to head up an ANSI compliant Squeak and work with Squeak Central on this project. I'd love to, but am not suited to the task.

Petr Novak (mailto:petr.novak@i.cz) also wants (separate wish):

see the Squeak and VNC page

Petr Novak (mailto:petr.novak@i.cz) has yet another wish:
(This seems to be to some extent included in the Squeak Central project list).

Allan Baruz (mailto:baruz@erols.com) would like to see:

Jared (mailto:slake@punkass.com) would like to see:

I would do this myself but I'm not good with this kind of thing, wouldn't even know where to start.

Thomas Mahler would like to see:
Like the support for QT and GTK in QT Squeak

Most people I showed Squeak told me "this is very nice but it LOOKS so strange". I think supporting one's most familiar look and feel (Like in Java Swing) would really support squeaks acceptance.

Douglas Brebner would like:

Torge Husfeldt would like:

This should be made in a way that you could easily display squeaks class structure as well as other sctructured data.

Thank you

Samir Saidani would like :

Help with VNC on Zaurus SL5000D with XI825 Wireless CF


I'm new to Smalltalk and especially Squeak. What I (perhaps from a more objective point of view than 'long time' Squeakers) want to say is: {Squeak needs a GUI Building tool !} Most people who take a look at Squeak say that indeed it is great, but it is boring to write Code for each typical widged and each window you're using in a 'normal' application. I think, if there was a GUI-Tool like the UI-Painter of Visul Works, more People would give Squeak a chance and try it out. I'm too unexperienced with Smalltalk to build something like that.
Chris Burkert

Greg Brooks would like:

A way to do rsh so I can execute command-line programs on the UNIX machines in my LAN, from cool Squeak GUI programs.

Piers Cawley would like:

Jeffrey Genung wants:

Squeek CAD/CAM for CNC machining. I want to be able to program my car (or turtle) and have the milling head move on an XYZ table.

Umur Ozkul wants to have a UML editor based SmallInterfaces. Only Interfaces should be represented in UML. Why? Let's discuss.

Ralph Boland wants:

I will be generating documentation for a Squeak project in Lyx from which I can generate .tex, .ps, and .pdf files.
I want to display the .ps files and .pdf files in a Squeak window when the user wants to read documentation
while the application is running. It would be cool if the .ps and .pdf files could be generated dynamically from the
.tex files before displaying them. A simple way to view a HTML file in a window would also be cool.
I have NO idea if this project is "moderate-sized".
Of course, if you're really ambitious, you could rewrite the entire Lyx project in Squeak :).

Alexis Olivier (mailto:baha14@gmail.com) would like: