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Moving code between images
Last updated at 6:42 pm UTC on 31 October 2004
Question: 28 Oct 2004 I'm in my very first day of Squeak and I just discovered that you don't have source files with yourclasses but a big one with everything in it. I come from Java/Delphi kind of world, hence my question: How do you coordinate several developers simultaneously working on the same project?
Answer: Brian Tabone There are a couple of ways to get source files.
To get source files for individual classes, you can right click the class name in a system browser and choose file out to get the file for that class. You can then check this in CVS. I'm fairly new to Squeak too, I'm not sure if there is any direct CVS integration , it may help to check SqueakMap (Go to the world->open->Package Loader menu). Note that when you file out , it writes the files to the same directory as where the image resides.

To load filed out sources, open a File list tool from your tool tab, navigate to the file on disk, and choose either File in or install from the File List tool (It will give you those buttons when you select the file).

Answer: Colin Putney I recommend Monticello, which is a native-Squeak versioning system. It's included in the Squeak 3.7 full image, or you can install it via SqueakMap.The documentation for MC (as it is often abbreviated) is at: http://www.wiresong.ca/Monticello/ You can also join the MC mailing list (sign up at the site above) to get help with anything that isn't covered in the docs.

Question: What's the difference between a .cs file and a .st file? versus a .sar file? versus a .pr file?
Answer: See SARInstaller See Project