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Squeak sounds on a G3 Powerbook
Last updated at 4:20 pm UTC on 14 January 2006
Here's what I've learned about using Squeak Sounds (2.2 and 2.3beta) on a G3 Powerbook.

I'm confused by a couple of these statements.

  • OMS should work fine on a G3 PowerBook (I use one all the time). It's really the only way to go for serious MIDI. Getting OMS to recognize your synthesizer should be easy; what kind of MIDI interface do you have?

  • Please send me email about the startup problems you've had with Siren. I'm preparing a new release of the "polished" Siren for 2.3.

  • There's a good freeware app called MIDI Mangler that frees serial ports (and can zap PRAM As well).