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Last updated at 9:40 am UTC on 26 September 2019
subclass of Model

The class Player may have many subclasses, each one associated with a Morph object with the help of a MorphExtension object.

The basic definition is that a Morph object may have, i.e. optionally, a Player associated with it. From the point of view of the player object the
the associated Morph is the "costume" if "wears". The Player object itself is a class with lots of capability but very little instance state; user-defined Players are all implemented as compact, single-instance subclasses of Player

More here:
Scripting with Players -- The "User-Scripting" Style

Class comment

The fundamental user-scriptable entity. Always represented by a user-specific subclass of Player;

instance vars and methods relate to user-defined structures.

costume is a Morph, the primary morph I am currently wearing for graphical display.

Scripts are defined in subclasses of Player. These are UniClasses.

Messages in scripts are sent to Players. A Player may delegate to its costume, or to an object the costume suggests. Or, a Player may designate some other object to receive the script messages it does not understand. (see doesNotUnderstand:)

Used in Etoys