QotD    "To be or not to be" – Shakespeare
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Last updated at 12:35 am UTC on 25 February 2018
The model of a freecell game. Holds the stacks of cards.
stacks array of CardDecks of the columns of cards.
Hardness: a number from 1 to 10000.
After dealing, count down the number. For each count, go to next column, pick a ramdom card (with same generator as deck) and move it one place in its stack. This is a kind of bubble sort. Interesting that the slowness of bubble sort is a plus – gives fine gradation in the hardness.
Moving a card: Move red cards to deep half, black to shallow (or vice versa). Within a color, put low cards deep and high cards shallow.
If speed is an issue, move several steps at once, decrementing counter.

(May make it easier? If running columns, need a way to make harder in other ways.)