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Code Snippets
Last updated at 11:05 am UTC on 19 February 2019
A Great Squeak Demo - Dan Ingalls 1998

String streamContents:

Installer mantis bugsAll

How to move methods from one category (protocol) to another one

FAQ: How do I find all classes with a certain protocol?

How to create a 'go back to previous project' button

Recipe: Creating a 'jump-to-project' button

Is this the best page for powerful pieces of short, compact code? If so, here's one: Squeak has facilities for downloading arbitrary URLs, and for filing in from arbitrary streams. Putting it together, one can do things like:

 'http://some.server/dir/file' asUrl retrieveContents contentStream fileIn

 HTTPSocket httpFileInNewChangeSet: 'http://some.server/dir/file'

Extract content from wiki pages (titles)

Extract content from wiki pages - page numbers of changed pages

Zip up a complete directory structure

Or what about this (found at the very bottom on the SARInstaller page on this Swiki), slightly modified here :
SARInstaller installSAR: 'SomeSqueakArchive-1.sar'

How to resize project thumbnail windows

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