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Screen dump
Last updated at 7:26 pm UTC on 12 October 2019
 GIFReadWriter putForm: Display onFileNamed: 'screenshot.GIF'.
 PNGReadWriter putForm: Display onFileNamed: 'screenshot.png'.

The GIFReadWriter and PNGReadWriter class can encode and decode images to Squeak's internal Form format.


takes a Form and encodes a GIF or PNG from it.

Why This is Interesting:
The whole Display is just a Form. Actually, it's a DisplayScreen, which is a subclass of Form. You can send the whole thing to GIF, or just a window, or something cool that you draw.

Since version 2.7 there is:

     Utilities grabScreenAndSaveOnDisk 

And since version 3.9 you can take "snapshots" of the screen or any morph by shift clicking on the blue viewer halo.

See also

To write a picture of a Morph to a file see aMorph imageForm.