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Project Saving Questions
Last updated at 5:45 pm UTC on 2 July 2018
Martin Wirblat May 06, 2004 I am trying to save a project with 3.5 and load it into 3.7. While loading I get:
DiskProxy(Object)>>error: 'Global "SameGameTile" not found'
I had some methods changed in SameGameTile in the project's changeset, but I think I removed all references to SameGameTile in the cs.( checked with filing out the cs ). I also played the SameGame in this project. How can I clear the project itself from these old references?

Earlier on I renamed this project, and somehow (maybe unrelated to
the renaming) its little ProjectViewMorph-Window vanished. (It is
still accessible through the hierarchical menu.)

Some more questions:

raymondasselin@sympatico.ca What I use to delete a project is this (in a workspace):
 allProjecta :=  Project allProjects "exploreIt"
 thisProject := allProject at: 2 "replace the number 2 with the index of the project you want to delete" 
 allProject remove: thisProject. "that's it"

Martin Wirblat Do you have some experience about what to better not do with a project in order to avoid "loading prohibiting" references in its fileout?
I mean, is there something which can be done wrong by the uninitiated?

Or is it known, that the only "safe" way is to start with a newly created project and never touch or put anything temporarily in it, which references it must not file out later?

Raymond Asselin IMHO projects are safe, but when something goes wrong I admit that they are not easy to debug, and often in the past I had to delete a project and to recreate it because I was not able to find where and what was the bug. But this may be only my fault...

... From what you say I understand that you saved a project and that in this project there were references not resolving but you don't know where these references are stored as you can't find them in the cs attached to the project. I can't answer this, I don't know if you can find them with an explorer..

I'm sure that there is some members of the Squeak community who can say precisely what can't be file out later..and I'm pretty sure that the reason is not related to only project...I'm thinking of block closure for example...For myself I don't like the way project keep automatically the changes I make in their pocket.

To recreate the ProjectviewMorph you just have to do the following:
World menu/new morph/make link to project...
and that's it.

Q:Is renaming a project safe?
A: Yes, I do this lot without apfroblem.

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