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Last updated at 11:59 pm UTC on 13 November 2005
wxSqueak is a Squeak interface to the wxWidgets (formerly known as wxWindows) GUI library.

The current home page for wxSqueak is here: http://www.wxsqueak.org/

But this swiki page is available for any extra comments or discussion, as a few people have been working on it.

Add extra comments here:

shin 2. March 2005 - Are the codes portable? I mean, ist possible to use the sources with the unix-VM?

(irago [at] azet [dot] sk) - The website of the project only mentions Mac OS X and Win32 - odds are the author only tried that out on those two systems. wxWidgets itself is very well portable, so in theory the Squeak binding should work on any platform, where wxWidgets is installed as a shared library (a DLL on Win32, or a .so on Linuxes) and accessible to the external interfacing mechanism of Squeak. But since wxSqueak has a while to go until maturity, I'd say for the time being getting it to work at all any satisfactorily would be the primary concern. P.S.: With native GUI in sight, are there any odds for tools that allow to remove the UI from Squeak and thus create stand-alone, native L&F applications? (Which would certainly go a long way for establishing Squeak as more than a multimedial playground.)