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Squeak-dev OmniBrowser Help Text
Last updated at 3:57 pm UTC on 6 April 2008
| readme |

readme := Text fromString: '"
Squeak has several different browsers for you to choose from. To change the default browser:
SystemBrowser askForDefault.
There are six (should there be seven?) browsers to choose from

  1. Browser
The old trusty browser from Smalltalk-80. Nearly all squeak documentation illustrates this browser, so use this if you are following a tutorial, such as the Squeak By Example book.

  1. PackagePaneBrowser
A slight modification of Browser which splits the class category list into two panes, to make a much shorter list.

  1. OBSystemBrowserAdapter
A rewrite of the regular Browser. Supports Traits, has many refactoring commands, and has a new search tool at the top.

  1. OBPackageBrowserAdapter
Like OBSystemBrowserAdapter above, but with package support. This browser groups classes by Monticello packages rather than class categories, and allows many Monticello tasks to be performed from inside the browser. This is the default browser in squeak-dev

  1. OBMultipleSelectionBrowserAdapter
Like OBPackageBrowserAdapter above, but allows viewing multiple methods at once. It is not yet stable; expect bugs if you use this browser

  1. OBSmartGroupBrowserAdapter
Not listed, but appears in the open menu.
Like OBMultipleSelectionBrowserAdapter plus the ability to create groups of class, method, package...
In the first panel, either you choose the package view or the group view. Each element can be added to a group by right-clicking. Moreover, when you search classes (in the upper panel - ex: type CollectionTest), the search result will be added in the group called 'search'.
Last, there is an option in the preference (browsing) that enable to open a pane with the class comment every time a class is selected.
As reliing on OBMultipleSelectionBrowserAdapter, this browser is not yet stable but still usable.

  1. RefactoringBrowser
This browser is broken and should not even be installed. Ignore

self makePart: 'SystemBrowser askForDefault.' executableIn: readme.
^ readme