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New Modules
Last updated at 10:28 pm UTC on 20 February 2009
This page is intended to be a launch pad for discussion about modules in Squeak. It is currently maintained by Dan Ingalls.

Here are summaries for a number of relevant projects. Feel free to add a new item if you think it should be included in our discussions. To keep things consistent when adding a summary, please copy the content from Summary: Sample Page, as a template for the one you wish to add.
Summary: Naiad (Spoon's module system)
Summary: Andreas's Islands
Summary: Envy
Summary: E
Summary: Environments (obsolete)
Summary: Packages in Squeak (Alex's work)
Summary: Parcels in VW
Summary: Monticello 1
Summary: Monticello 2
Summary: Namespaces (Goran's proposal)
Summary: Collage (Hans-Martin's old ideas)
Summary: ClassBoxes
Summary: Packages on SqueakMap
Summary: Package Universes
Summary: Debian
Summary: Neo Smalltalk groups
Time Zone Database -- TZ-Olson
Summary: QuA component architecture

Also, here are a few useful opening statements, to which you may add...
Florin on Modules
Colin on Modules
Dan on Modules
Hans-Martin on Packages and Namespaces
Lex on Modules and Package Repositories
Jecel proposed Chunky Squeak as an incremental step that could complement any module scheme that might be adopted.

Here is where discussion began...
Modules thread on Squeak-dev
And here is where it continues...
Modules discussion list