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Privacy in the Infrastructure
Last updated at 9:03 pm UTC on 2 March 2005
"Privacy in the infrastructure" is a design goal for Squeak's infrastructure: we should strive to allow developers to develop things in private to the extent that they wish. We should not require that Squeak users must publish sizable portions of their work just to use the infrastructure. While it is great when people do share, they should not be forced to do so. If they are, then many people simply won't participate.

Violations of this principle are easy to spot, once you are looking for them. For example, here are some example violations:
  1. creating a package in your image, also creates a package on a public server somewhere
  2. the only way to transfer a package from one developer to another, is to post it through some central server

Central servers, in general, suggest that privacy violations are afoot.....