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Installing SqueakSource
Last updated at 3:43 pm UTC on 19 June 2008
I had some trouble setting up my own SqueakSource server initially, but when I finally did, I put together a few instructions.

To see them, go to the SqueakSource-SqF project and click on the Wiki tab. There are some instructions there about setting up and testing a squeaksource server. -dew

Feel free to ask additional questions here.

Matthew Fulmer: I tried the above, and it did not work. I asked for help on IRC Portal, and Ken Causey helped me figure out the following steps (see log)
  1. Start from a Squeak 3.8.1-6747 basic image
  2. Open Squeakmap Package Loader
    1. Allow it to update itself
    2. Allow it to install Monticello
  3. Load DynamicBindings from Squeakmap
  4. "Upgrade all Installed packages" from Squeakmap
    1. (this is a menu item in the context menu of the package list)
  5. Close SqueakMap
  6. Open Monticello browser
  7. Add the following repository http://www.squeaksource.com/ss and open it. (See the project description if you want http://www.squeaksource.com/ss.html )
  8. Load SqueakSource-dt.1020.mcz. This will take a while, load lots of dependencies, and you will need to set the Seaside administrator username and password at the end
  9. Modify SSRepository class>>defaultRepository for your machine. Be sure to give each superuser an email address. (use the email: message)
  10. Modify SSRepository>>smtpServer
  11. Run the commented out code in SSRepository class>>initialize
  12. In Color>>hex, replace all instances of "printPaddedWith: $0 to: 2 base: 16" with "printStringBase: 16 length: 2 padded: true"
  13. Change the call in SSFileSystem>>loadRepository from 'sort' to 'asSortedCollection'
  14. Run SSRepository startUp
  15. Go to http://localhost:8888 . It should be running
  16. For me, it was now running quite slowly. This was due to my hostname being set to something wierd. So, in SSRepository class>>defaultRootUrl, I changed the line starting with "hostName := ..." to "hostName := 'localhost'"