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Old IRC Bot Commands
Last updated at 8:21 pm UTC on 5 May 2008


  1. Admin Commands
  2. Factoid functionality
  3. Social Commands

GUIDE admin commands
status<bot-nickname><puncw>+ 'status' <puncw>* Displays the time that the current instantiation was created. Also returns the number of times the bot has been queried for info bot status?
history<bot-nickname><puncw>+ 'history' <puncw>* Spits out the last five successfully recognized command strings. Helpful for new and old users. bot: history
help<bot-nickname><puncw>+ 'help' <puncw>* Displays this help guide bot help
join<bot-nickname><puncw>+ 'join' <puncw>+ epsilon¦#<channel-name> The bot will join the channel you tell it. The pound character in the channel-name is optional bot, join #squeak
part<bot-nickname><puncw>+ 'part' <puncw>+ epsilon¦#<channel-name> The bot will exit the channel you tell it bot part squeak
security<bot-nickname><puncw>+ 'security' <puncw>* Sandboxes the bot bot security
loadbase<bot-nickname><puncw>+ 'loadbase' <puncw>* Loads the info-base from a file. The name and location of this file is controlled by some class variables. bot loadbase
storebase<bot-nickname><puncw>+ 'storebase' <puncw>* Stores the current info-base into a file bot storebase

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GUIDE factoid/dbase functions
set<bot-nickname><puncw>+ <key> <puncw>+ 'is' <puncw>+ <factoid> <puncw>* If nothing is previously stored at the given key, the bot will store the new factoid at that place. Otherwise the currently stored info will be spit back into the channel bot, up is down
append<bot-nickname><puncw>+ <key> <puncw>+ 'is also' <puncw>+ <factoid> <puncw>* If some info is already known at the given key, then the given new factoid will be appended to whatever is currently stored there bot, up is also a particle used in combination with many English verbs to form unique meanings such as - throw up, goof up, fed up
redefine<bot-nickname><puncw>+ 'no'<puncw>+ <key> <puncw>+ 'is' ¦ 'is also' <puncw>+ <factoid> <puncw>* If some info is already known at the given key, then the given new factoid will be appended to whatever is currently stored there bot, no! up is a preposition
get<bot-nickname> <puncw>+¦'what is ' <key> <puncw>* If some facts are known for the given key, return them bot, up?

bot: what is up

forget<bot-nickname><puncw>+ 'forget' <puncw>+ <key> <puncw>* Remove the given key and its value from memory bot, forget up

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GUIDE social commands and extra, fun stuff
greet<bot-nickname><puncw>+ 'greet' <puncw>+ epsilon¦#<nickname>+ Gives a hearty greeting to the indicated person bot, greet franz
actorsbio<bot-nickname><puncw>+ 'actorsbio' <puncw>+ <actor-name> <puncw>* Look for the biography of the given actor/acress on IMDB bot: actorsbio, Alex Winter
squeakmap<bot-nickname><puncw>+ 'squeakmap' <puncw>+ <package-name> <puncw>* Look for the the given package name off of http://map1.squeakfoundation.org/sm. Note: the name must be properly formatted, and with the exact case-sensitivity as the registered package bot squeakmap Connectors
the above two commands depend on the content of remote web pages that are very subject to change. they may be broken when you're using this! sorry!
squeak-swiki<bot-nickname><puncw>+ 'swiki' <puncw>+ <page-title> <puncw>*Returns a static link with whatever you give it appended (Squeak Swikixxxxx) bot swiki SqueakForMapping
evaluate<bot-nickname><puncw>+ 'evaluate' <puncw>+ <expression> Just sends whatever you put after the evaluate nonterminal to the Compiler. Very large security hazard, but lots of fun! Succesful results are returned to the channel bot, evaluate: (Time dateAndTimeNow)
random<bot-nickname><puncw>+ 'go squeak go' <puncw>* Returns a random response to the channel bot, go squeak go
special-greet<bot-nickname><puncw>+ 'uffda' ¦ 'moo' <puncw>* The bot will repeat whatever is said to it if no other command is matched and on of these special greeting words are present bot: uffda it has been a long day!

bot, moo

reply-rules<bot-nickname><puncw>+ <key> <puncw>+ 'is' <puncw>+ '<reply>' <reply-text> <puncw>* Allows you to add replies to the bot's memory. Very similar to factoid storage bot: wb is <reply>Thanks!
eval-rules<bot-nickname><puncw>+ <key> <puncw>+ 'is' <puncw>+ '<eval>' <eval-text> <puncw>* Allows you to add arbitrary Smalltalk expressions to the bot's memory. These can be retrieved and performed at any time later. bot: time is <eval>Time now
quick links<bot-nickname><puncw>+ 'url'<puncw>+ <url> <puncw>+ 'shorthand' <puncw>+ <key> <puncw>*Assigns a key to a given url. After you establish the shorthand rule, you can retrieve fully formed links based on whatever text you pass along to the bot as arguments for the shorthand key. The text you send as argument of the shorthand command will be formatted with '%20' delimiters to ensure the intended link. bot, url: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&ie=ISO-8859-1&q= shorthand google.
bot, google Arnold for governor

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