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Last updated at 4:28 pm UTC on 9 November 2005
Development in Exupery is driven by four different test suites.

Developer tests (SUnit)

The developer tests are normal SUnit tests. They are all the tests in the Exupery-Programmer Tests catagory. These tests should never crash your image.

Story tests (SUnit)

These tests systematically test the end to end correctness of the code generated. They may crash your image if there's a bug. Should be very safe in a released version and reasonably safe in a develeopment version. They are SUnit tests in the class ExuperyStoryTests.

Performance Benchmarking

 ExuperyBenchmarks new run 

Runs the benchmarks. The output is written to the transcript. They provide a quick way to figure out if changes are making things faster or slower.

Reliability stress testing

 ExuperyProfiler stressTest 

Runs the stress test. This is a quick and dirty simulation of heavy real work. What it does is profile every SUnit test class then compile the top ten methods. It then runs the tests again. If it doesn't crash it worked. The tests take about 40 minutes to run on my machine. The idea was to gauge when Exupery was reliable enough for people to play with.