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Message Dictionary
Last updated at 6:18 pm UTC on 25 September 2006
Squeak is made up of circa 45,000 compiled methods (as of 3.9g)

Some methods are unique to one class.
Others are general messages sent to many classes.
It would be good to generate from any image a list of these messages.

It would be good to generate a dictionary that

Some of this has been done for the older Collection messages.

However this dictionary would IMHO serve as more than a historic document.

It could be a designers guide to future implementation.

A dictionary of common usage would be very useful.
Now that there is internationalization a rosetta stone for such a dictionary is probably a needed thing also.

There are also some prefered usages I use because different messages map on to different parts of speach.

See: Squeak messages and parts of (English) Speech

This is a work in progress. Feel free to constructively add. -wiz