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Kernel Load Headless Seaside Server
Last updated at 1:13 am UTC on 24 December 2006

Script to load usable headless seaside into KernelImage

Installer installUrl: 'wiki.squeak.org/KernelLoadHeadlessSeasideServer'.


| kImage |
Installer installUrl: 'wiki.squeak.org/squeak/KernelLoadMonticello'.
kImage := Installer squeaksource project: 'KernelImage'.
kImage install: 'DynamicBindings'.
kImage install: 'KomServices'.
kImage install: 'KomHttpServer'.
kImage answer: '*administrator*') with: 'seaside';
answer: '*password*' with: 'admin'.
kImage install: 'Seaside2.6b'.

Installer squeaksource project: 'SecureSqueak'; install: 'REPL'.
(Smalltalk at: #REPLServer) startOn: 4445.