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Squeak Foundation Board 2007 Election
Last updated at 2:32 am UTC on 23 March 2007

Thank you again for voting. Our percentage of votes was higher then last year. We had 182 votes from 392 ballots that were sent out.

The winners are: (in alphabetical order)

Andrew P. Black
Cees de Groot
Stéphane Ducasse
Bert Freudenberg
Craig Latta
Yoshiki Ohshima
Tim Rowledge

You can see more details about the election here:


Thanks again and congratulations to the new Squeak Foundation Board 2007.

Ron Teitelbaum & The Squeak Elections Team

This is our second election for the Squeak Foundation Board. The elected
board members serve for one year. The process is simple. First we ask for
candidates from the Squeak Community or other related Communities. Then we
vote. You are only eligible to vote if you have a certified squeak People
account. You must have a certification of at least Apprentice to vote.
You can see the results of our previous vote here. Remember to register and Vote!

Join the 2007 Election Discussion.

Candidates for the Squeak board were invited to announce themselves
on the squeak-dev mailing list.

We now have 12 candidates in alphabetical order they are:

Andrew P. Black
Todd Blanchard
Giovanni Corriga
Cees de Groot
Stéphane Ducasse
Tansel Ersavas
Bert Freudenberg
Brad Fuller
Keith Hodges
Craig Latta
Yoshiki Ohshima
Tim Rowledge

For 2 weeks starting from the Feb 18th 2007 prospective voters are asked to make
sure they are registered. Remember that the basic criterion for voting
is having an SqP account. that is validated at least to the Apprentice level.
This is also a good time to talk to other Squeaker communities and get them
involved. As in the previous elections, we will accept votes from other
communities, but to waive the SqP requirement, we need a well known representative
of this community to contact us at the elections mailing list.

The voters list will be finalized on the 3rd of March, and the CIVS
(http://www.cs.cornell.edu/andru/civs.html) election started. The
election will run for 3 days, and the results announced on March 7th, 2007.

Daniel Vainsencher and the Elections team