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Stéphane Ducasse SqF 2007
Last updated at 6:54 am UTC on 24 February 2007
Q: Stef, you ran last year, but later dropped out of the board after some internal disagreements. The following (fairly public) discourse seemed to imply that you had deeper differences with the rest of the board about how things should be handled. Can you elaborate on what has changed from your perspective that you run again, and how you are planning to handle differences in opinion about the direction that the board or Squeak should take?

Good question. The rest of the board is a fun expression. I will not comment.

I left because some people in the board were not in favor of spending money to improve the infrastructure of squeak (such as for example calling for bounty to build a test server or tools to help the harvesting). I left also because I could not stand the "if you do not do it (harvest) for fun you should stop to do it". This was an insult for me. Especially when I asked to spend money (and I was ready to collect money) to improve Squeak and the process for improving it. I run again because I would like to get some new blood in that foundation and few people were applying so again I thought that I had to make noise to get more candidates. I do not participate to have power, because I could run my own squeak distribution and be fairly happy with the state of affair and do not care of the rest.
I run because I think that the squeakFoundation should put in place the elements to make sure that the community can improve and get more exposure and speed.
I left because I thought that this was the only means that I have to kick the SqueakFoundation, kind of strong signal. Now some actions took places so I have some hopes (but I'm certainly naive) for more active forms of gathering and spending money. I also hope that the board will be really renewed and be a private club of cool guys. I hope that the board members do not just look for power. Depending on the board composition and the first meeting that we will have I will decide if I stay or not. I think that if the board does not agree on some agenda points and strong converge then this is not really interesting. I do not have the time for a mascarade. ( We run ESUG since 1997 with 4 or 5 people and we manage much more stress, actions and money than the SqueakFoundation so this proves that I'm not totally antisocial). Of course I could stay and say nothing but as you certainly know this is not my style. Of course may be people can believe that this is arrogance but this is not, I'm just raging too much. I created the squeakfoundation with marcus and mike (but for private reasons he had to redraw) in the hope that we could enable other people and bring new energy and structure in the community and our vision was not power but responsibility and the idea of improving squeak.


Q: [From an email on Squeak-dev]
Your comments on the wiki site say that if things are not better based on
the first meeting after the election you will resign again. My question to
you is do you feel that is fair to the board to leave it with only 6 members
because you do not agree with the other board members? Can you find a way
to stay and work out your differences instead?