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Collaborative development
Last updated at 7:50 pm UTC on 5 March 2007


Ralph Johnson (Google Account: rjohnson.uiuc)

Project Outline

Croquet is an environment for developing highly collaborate 3D environments.
It is based on Squeak, but none of the Squeak programming tools are available inside a Croquet world.
The purpose of the project is to develop a set of programming tools for use inside Croquet, probably just Croquet versions of the standard Squeak tools like browsers and inspectors.
These would automatically be sharable. Croquet would provide the framework for collaboration, including sound and video.
Everything could be recorded and played back.
This would be great for teaching, because teachers could work with a couple of people on a demo and record it, and then play it back as a way of teaching.

Technical Details

Benefits to the Student

Learn how Croquet is implemented.

Benefits to the Community

Enable both real-time collaboration during programming (e.g. distributed pair programming) and the ability to record programming sessions for tutorial use or to document a system.