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Seaside and Sails
Last updated at 9:06 pm UTC on 18 March 2007


Giovanni Corriga (Google Account: gcorriga)

Project Outline

The idea of this project is to enhance Seaside framework with automated tools, scripts and conventions in order to help people to develop simple web applications in Seaside in a much faster way.

Technical Details

Seaside is a powerful web framework, but in order to create a Seaside application, a developer must perform many manual steps.
Sails is an add-on for Seaside that will help reduce development time by automating these steps.
Sails will allow:
The development of Sails will be guided by the creation of one or more simple, CRUD-style test applications.

The project can be split into different subprojects that can be completed by a single student. This subprojects include:
If you think there are other subprojects that can be extracted from this proposal, feel free to propose them.

Benefits to the Student

The student will learn how to manage different software systems such as Seaside, OODBMses, RDBMses and how to integrate them in order to create more complex systems. The student will also gain a deep knowledge of Seaside and its design, of the trade-offs involved in creating a complex application and/or a framework, and how to create a web application from its definition to its deployment.

Benefits to the Community

Having a package that simplifies the creation of Seaside-based web applications will help lower the barriers to entry for new Seaside developers and will be helpful in advertising Seaside and Squeak. It may also highlight possible areas of improvement for Seaside and Squeak.