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Better localization support for Squeak
Last updated at 8:00 am UTC on 21 March 2007


Serge Stinckwich (Serge.Stinckwich AT gmail.com)

Project Outline

Since the 3.8 version, the Squeak UI has been translated in several languages: english, german, french, spanish, japanese, ... The current translation framework still suffer from several drawbacks that we like to solve in this project with a more modular approach.
(Difficulty = medium)

Technical details

Squeak is an open-source multi-media Smalltalk flavor available on several platforms. Since version 3.8, the user interface of Squeak is available in several languages : english, german, french, spanish, japanese, ... In order to that, a framework of application has been developed by Ohshima Yoshiki (View Point Research Institute) that allows to translate each english sentence of the interface, as well as UI tools to ease the translation task.

Nevertheless, the tools are not really modular (the translation is done inside the whole image and not for each package) and the translation model is still rather rudimentary. The translations available are dispersed among the various versions of Squeak: 3.9, SqueakLand, OLPC, Croquet, ... One idea maybe is to have a central repository for all the translations, something similar to Rosetta.

This project is about designing a proposal for a better support of translations for Squeak:

Work will be achieved in collaboration with the squeak-dev mailing list in order to define the needs and the solutions.
Work will have to be published on SqueakSource regularly and the student will have to submit reports on the mailing list.

Benefits to the student

The student will learn how ...

Benefits to the community

More information

My project proposal in french: http://doesnotunderstand.free.fr/?p=208

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