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Sophie extensions API refactorings
Last updated at 9:41 pm UTC on 21 March 2007


to be assigned (Google Account: -nil-)

Project Outline

Sophie comes with a framework to allow people to add extensions to the Sophie Application, current this covers things like the book page list, OKI Server support, clipboard support, printing, Stickies, and page structure view, which are just a few of the 39 subclasses in this part of Sophie. Some cleanup and refactoring is needed to allow any Squeak Programmer add extensions/widgets to Sophie. Example widgets/extensions should be provided at the end of the project, say a frame to execute Smalltalk code, an EToy reader frame, or a Twitter api.

Technical Details

The existing 39 subclasses need to be reviewed for structural issues, and possible refactoring. Additional subclasses written with explanation of why each method was required, not required.

Benefits to the Student

Understanding of how sophie internally deals with components

Benefits to the Community

Clear concise code base that lets people add extensions. Twitter for example is something the Sophie team had not heard about, we did add RSS feeds, yet our goals were to make the Sophie Code base friendly enough so that someone could add that feature without undo hardship.