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Blocky Tronic
Last updated at 1:02 pm UTC on 23 April 2007


Blocky Tronic is a blocks toy made in Argentina by the toy maker Dimare. They have a lot of block building toys.

Blocky Tronic is somehow comparable to Lego Mindstorms, although not completely equal. It has a computer, 2 motors, 2 leds, 1 touch sensor, 1 light sensor, 1 sound sensor, 1 speaker (makes some beeps), and connects to the PC through the Serial Port. It comes with 2 different applications to use from the computer. The first is a program for basic operation, and the second allows more complex programming.

Here is some initial support for Squeak, including serial port communication and eToys interface. A lot is still to be done, like better organizing of the eToys vocabulary and reading of the sensors.


Install this change set: BlockyTronic.cs

Screenshots and images:

eToys screenshot:
Blocky photo:

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